I can’t believe Measure 97 went down by so much! YAY! Legislators need to learn to live within their means instead of creating new taxes. I do!

Do you carry a balance on your credit cards, month to month? I don’t! If you add up the interest you are spending by not paying off a card, you could spend thousands more dollars. It will steal your joy and happiness. Pay them off. Cut them up if you have to!

There is no way we could run our farm or our household like our state and country runs their budget. Most of us live within our means and don’t write checks with no money in our account. We have integrity. We are honest and responsible.

It becomes like a snowball rolling downhill. Soon it is so big that it picks up anything in its path. Does anyone remember Little Orley and the Bubble?! The bubble got so big it picked up everything in its path. That is what is going on in this country and this is why we need to start running it like a business.

Little Orley and the Bubble