Vote NO!

Click on the link above to see what our Coop manager has to say.

Our farm coop does $98 million a year in business to nonmembers. That puts them smack in the headlights of this new tax. This tax is applied on GROSS income. Can we afford a $2 million+ tax on a business with 65 employees? Of course not. We can’t afford it. Do we lay off employees? Charge customers and members more, making us less competitive? Someone will have to pay for this, and it won’t be Monsanto and Wells Fargo and Walmart, as ads lead us to believe.

It is ludicrous to expect that the consumers will not bear the burden of this new tax on the Oregon ballot. There are 1000 businesses in Oregon that fall under this measure, and fall they will. We need to control our spending and find another way to charge giant corporations that do business in our state, without hurting the ones who are already here, contributing.


Look at the opposition this Measure 97 is receiving. Is it all from big corporations? Of course not. When anything is this controversial, it needs to be re-thought-out and rewritten.

Pilots look down the road

Pilots look down the road, not right in front of them….

Let’s think this through instead of voting in something that may hurt our economy.